March 15 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Women's Healing Circle

Join us in creating this powerful healing circle and ceremony for Women and those who identify as Women. Together we will gather to sow the sacred seeds of intention for manifestation and renewal and weave a supportive web of sisterhood to nourish, witness and support one another.
This circle is open to all women who identify as women as well as coming of age girls 12 and up. Women with babes are welcome to join as well.

Have you recently been feeling overwhelmed? Do you crave a change or have you been “thrown for a shift” unexpectedly? Do you ever feel like there is more on your emotional plate than you can handle? In this Sacred circle we will be focusing our discussion around how to navigate emotions that trigger and challenge us. There is medicine in our emotions and feelings and it is truly a liberating task to be able to feel our feelings and not become our feelings. We will navigate ways in which you can safely journey through your emotions and be empowered by the wisdom they hold the gate keys to. We will explore the areas within our physical bodies where we store these emotions that can bring us chronic ailments and pain.

We have a juicy event waiting for us. You are welcome to bring a crystal or any sacred item you wish to include in the altar for the ceremony and a journal. We will share Sacred ceremony, work with herbs and essential oils and open discussion together as a circle.


Christine Jude Winus, Initiator of Rising Earth Healing Arts and Retreat Space Coordinator of The River House and Spa located in Wappingers Falls, NY is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Priestess, Womb Shaman Apprentice, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Master Teacher and student with the Fountain of Life, a Divine Feminine Mystery School. Her path is committed to assist women and men in their healing journey and to calling back the sacred relationship that woman and man have with themselves and the Sacred Feminine.

Energy exchange is $25
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