So bathing suit season is right around the corner, the winter 20 is still haunting you and now you have to find the warm weather wardrobe. A few weeks back I shared my dress hunting experience where I end up looking like an antique plate.

Today I want to bring to the fore front those silly body type charts and ask do any of us really match one. To be honest I have decided I am shaped like a T-Rex with a big body and little arms. The body chart is supposed to help us with clothing choices, exercise routines and general health issues. But if you don't seem to fit anyone type what do you do?

I believe in having a positive body image. I have never been the tallest, the fittest or the person who looked good in just anything, but for some reason that has never bothered me. However, I am aware that some clothes make me look like a square in shoes and there are some physical things I just can't do. But like the Ostrich in the new Samsung commercial I think it is important "we do what we can't"

Checkout the body type quiz below if you must but I am going to suggest that you set out to do or wear what you want a figure out how to make it work for you.


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