A treat only available in Disney World may be on Hudson Valley supermarket shelves in just a few weeks.

Anyone who's been to Disney World has experienced the joy of the Mickey Ice Cream Bar. The dark chocolate covered ice cream on a stick has been a staple at Disney parks for decades, but have only been available to visitors.

The premium ice cream bar is something that visitors to Disney World long for. And while it's undeniable that these ice cream bars are delicious, it's unclear if they taste extra good because you happen to be eating them in the happiest place on earth.

Well, local residents may soon be able to find out if the snack tastes just as delicious in the Hudson Valley, because Mickey Ice Cream Bars will be coming to stores for a limited time. According to The Daily Meal, Disney will be celebrating the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse by releasing the coveted ice cream bars in stores starting next month.


Packages of the bars are already featured on the website for Ralph's, a supermarket chain associated with Kroger's. The box shows that the limited edition ice cream bars come in packages of six.  It's unclear how much they will cost, but it's certain to be cheaper than the $5 per bar that's charged in the parks.

The Hudson Valley is already home to another hard-to-find Disney snack. The Dole Whip, a pineapple ice cream treat originally only found in the Magic Kingdom, is currently for sale in Kingston.

Will you be getting boxes of Mickey Ice Cream Bars when they're available in the Hudson Valley?

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