Recently, I was at a grocery store and learned something about the deli counter that blew my mind.

I hate the deli counter, but I'll die waiting on line for Boar's Head before I get any other brand. So here I am, on a rainy Sunday. Mother's Day to be specific. Waiting on the most miserable deli line at a grocery store in Montgomery. I finally get my number called, number 50.

I order my half a pound of cheese and my half a pound of turkey, sliced thin, of course. The deli worker hands me the turkey. Before he hands me my cheese, he tells me because I'm number 50, I get a free half pound of cheese. WHAT?! Was this because I ordered a half a pound of cheese? Would it have been whatever my cheapest item was for free? Is this even a real thing? Was the guy hitting on me?

Someone help me out here, I have a lot of questions. Have you ever heard of this deli counter hack? I hope I don't have people fighting to be number 50 at the deli counter line now.

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