New legislation was introduced that would fine men for sagging pants. 3 inches could make the difference between being on the right or wrong side of the law.

GoUpstate reports that 11 South Carolina lawmakers have sponsored legislation that would allow men and boys to be fined if their pants are sagging. House Bill 4957 states that anyone wearing pants hanging 3 inches below “the crest of his ileum exposing his skin or undergarments would be unlawful. An ileum is the small intestine.

A first offender would be fined $25, a second offense would be fined $50 and/or 3 hours of community service, and a third offense would be fined $75 and/or community service. It would not be considered a violent offense.

My question is if this passes, will it make it's way to New York and across the nation? Travel in any of the Hudson Valley cities and you see people of all ages with sagging pants. I know this really grinds people's gears, but does it do it enough to make a law against it.

I think we have bigger issues to worry about than sagging pants.


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