In the early hours Dec. 14, a New Windsor resident called the police after they had arrived home and discovered that their motion-sensing light was on and there were footprints in the fresh snow around both of the vehicles in the driveway.

New Windsor Police responded and checked the area. The police tracked the footprints into, but not back out of a driveway at a nearby residence. Michael O'Connor, 22, of Cornwall was found underneath a vehicle parked in the driveway while he was attempting to hide from the police. 

Armed with signed charges from previous larcenies involving vehicles, O'Connor was taken into custody and was found to be in possession of an undisclosed large amount of loose change. O'Connor of Cornwall is being held pending arraignment according to a statement from the Town of New Windsor PD. 

Sergeant Hollifield is asking that all residents that are unable to park their car in a garage, store their valuables in their homes and lock their car doors.

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