After the legalization of marijuana was left off the 2019 budget for New York State, a new bill has been introduced to refuel the movement.

According to WSHU, a new bill to legalize weed in New York State has been presented with ideas for the issues that caused it to be left off the 2019 budget. The bill includes an established single governmental unit to manage and regulate all cannabis-related products. Those products include hemp and CBD products.

WSHU also reports that some of the revenue collected from taxes on marijuana would go to communities adversely affected by illegal marijuana and mass incarceration. There would also be money for police to enforce driving rules.

Revenue from taxes would also go to research, drug prevention, and treatment. According to WSHU, the bill would seal criminal records of people convicted of misdemeanor marijuana charges. This bill would also expand New York's medical marijuana program by removing the measure that people with 17 specific diseases would have access.

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