The Hudson Valley, like many other parts of the U.S., has endured some of its coldest temperatures in years. Lows dipped down below 0 F Wednesday night, with wind chills nearing -20 in some parts of the area.

This however is all expected to change by next week, as much warmer air is expected to move into the region. Could we actually get above 50 by ealry next week? That would almost seem like a heat wave after what it's been like.

There will still be some more frigid temps in the mean time though. Friday will only get to about 20 degrees for a high, and near zero for a low. Saturday will begin the warm up. Highs will get up in the mid 30s, according to the forecast. Maybe this means the groundhog won't see his shadow and we'll have an early spring?

Monday and Tuesday will show the first real significant difference, as highs by Tuesday could reach the mid 50s. That will hopefully melt a lot of the snow and ice everywhere.

Meanwhile, check out this crazy AccuWeather video from Chicago.

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