There was reportedly another celebrity sighting in the Hudson Valley.

This is some hopeful news for that college kid who hangs out at the coffee shop and tirelessly works on their screenplay. I'm serious. You never know when a massive celebrity will walk in and grab a cup.

I'm surprised we haven't seen more famous actors and musicians at local coffee shops. They've got busy schedules and I'm sure they are always on the move.

There seems to have been a sudden surge of celebrities popping up all over the Hudson Valley.

William H. Macy was reportedly spotted at the Crafted Kup on Raymond Avenue in Poughkeepsie near Vassar College. The star was reportedly wearing dark sunglasses in the café.

Macy's visit to Poughkeepsie might be a fairly regular occurrence. According to Us, his daughter now attends Vassar after the admissions scandal. Us also reported that the daughter attending classes in the Hudson Valley had no involvement with the scandal.

Showtime Celebrates All-New Seasons Of "Shameless," "House Of Lies" And "Episodes" - Red Carpet
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Macy has starred in major films like Fargo, Jurassic Park 3 and Boogie Nights. Macy is also a star  on the small screen as well. You might know him as the deadbeat dad, Frank Gallagher in the hit series on Showtime, Shameless.

There have been several major celebrities seen all throughout the Hudson Valley in recent months.

Ben Stiller was spotted hanging out in Beacon last month, Post Malone was seen dining in Poughkeepsie, Flo Rida was just at Brothers BBQ in Cornwall and Christopher Meloni was seen in Newburgh last October.


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