Nearly a dozen people had to be saved from rough waters in the Hudson Valley on Saturday.

On Saturday, Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Ranger Richard Franke was on a joint patrol of the Delaware River with National Park Service Rangers in a jet boat when a group of rafters said two people were calling for help.

The rangers found a 62-year-old woman from Lee Center in the water with her foot stuck in a river obstruction and her head just above water. The woman's 64-year-old friend was also struggling in a raft nearby, officials say.

Due to recent heavy rains, the river level was high and the water was flowing fast, according to the DEC.

Franke entered the water wearing his personal floatation device with a line attached. He then freed the woman's foot and assisted her into the raft. A rope was attached to the raft and both people were brought on board the National Park Service boat.

Meanwhile, a second raft with seven people got stuck in the same currents officials say. Franke tied the raft to a tree and helped all seven, one by one, onto the National Park Service boat.

Later that day, two people capzied their raft and were swept into the water. Both were rescued.

All 11 were rescued and brought safely to shore, according to the DEC.

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