A strange looking wine from New York State has become all the rage. It's a cloudy, unfiltered, orange colored vino that is like nothing you've tried before.

Orange Wine is not made from oranges and it doesn't taste like them either. New York State is famous for wine and here in the Hudson Valley we have some great vineyards. Tourists continue to come to our region for tasting weekends, but if you want this Orange wine, you'll have to head to the Finger Lakes.


NBC TV in New York just aired a segment on this orange wine and they says it's creating a lot of buzz. The Atwater Vineyard website is selling it, but they only are making small batches. I don't know much about wine, but this sounds really different.

This golden, slightly cloudy, unfiltered Gewürztraminer possesses the structure, body and tannins of a red wine with the acidity of a white. The richly textured mouth feel with savory and earthy overtones reach your palate leaving a zing of orange marmalade, grapefruit rind, and dried flowers creating a complex flavor profile with a long lingering finish.

An ancient technique is used to take white wine grapes and produce the wine, as if it were a red. The skins are part of the fermentation process and it's aged for nine months. This Orange wine is also unfiltered, so it is a bit cloudy.

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