Steven Wright is one of the most unique comedy talents in the world. His deadpan delivery and brilliantly crafted jokes make him a true genius. His show at UPAC this Saturday has been postponed and I may be to blame for that.

Steven and I went to Emerson College in Boston at the same time, but we didn't know each other. Wright has a very unforgettable look and when he made his Tonight Show debut he was an instant star.  I was watching that night and I recognized him as the guy I used to see hanging out at the college.

I interviewed Steven before his show was postponed and he was flabbergasted that I remembered him. Check out this weird and wonderful interview.


So by bringing up all the things from our past totally blew Steven's mind and I think that is why he postponed the show. The official word is that it was for health reasons and I hope that is not true. I hope it was me instead. Not that I wish anything bad on Steven. I am a fan and was looking forward to the show.

Get well soon Steven Wright and come back to the Hudson Valley as soon as you can. I have more stories about people we knew in college that will really set you back! Contact the Bardavon/UPAC box office if you had ticket to the show.


BONUS VIDEO - Steven Wright on the Letterman show.