The Hudson Valley is full of places that are said to be haunted, but there is one restaurant in Carmel that many are sure is home to at least one ghost.

Smalley's Inn and Restaurant has been around since 1852, but it was rebuilt after a fire destroyed much of the town in 1924. I hear the food is very good and the story about the place is even better.

According to Haunted Places website, the paranormal activity at Smalley's can be off the charts. The grave of a little girl named Elizabeth Smalley was found under the basement steps. Pretty sure she is the one who is haunting the place.

Elizabeth’s apparition is said to peek out from around a certain pillar in the basement, and has spooked several workmen who were trying to build a sports bar down there. One time, every cell phone in the restaurant went off at once, and each call came from inside the building.

Why do I feel like it would have been even scarier if she decided to text? Smalley's will be very busy this Halloween and maybe Elizabeth will tug on some of the patron's clothing. If you want to stop by for a bite to eat, it's at 57 Gleneida Avenue. Just turn your phone off during the meal.