If you head to the grocery store this weekend you're going to want to pick up the these Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, they're probably the freshest you'll ever taste.

I was grabbing some groceries on the way home from work on Thursday when I was stopped dead in my track at the candy aisle. There, towering over me and the rest of the shoppers, was a huge Halloween display.

That's right, on August 10 Halloween candy officially arrived in the Hudson Valley. Now, some may rightfully complain that August is just too damn early for buying Halloween candy. I completely understand the argument against rushing the holidays like this, but hear me out. There is something very important you need to consider.

A. Boris

This is the freshest Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin you will ever eat.

Candy experts know that if you want the best tasting stuff you always buy the holiday themed versions as soon as they're released. Why? Because generic candy can sit in a warehouse for a few months before hitting the shelves. On the other hand, those Halloween pumpkins were just recently produced and immediately shipped out to stores.

And you can certainly taste the difference.

Everyone knows that the Cadillac of peanut butter cups is the Halloween Pumpkin. This super-sized version of the classic cup is loaded with more peanut butter than the regular version and covered with a thicker chocolate shell. I purchased a brand new box that just hit the shelves yesterday (purely for scientific research) and can absolutely tell the difference. These are truly the freshest tasting peanut butter cups I've ever had.

The chocolate hasn't melted and re-hardened at all. You can tell because the rough bottom still has sharp indentations from the assembly line it rolled down probably just a few days ago. The peanut butter filling is also still extremely soft and moist. After a few weeks on the shelves it tends to dry up a little, crumbling when you bite in. These super-fresh pumpkins just melt right in your mouth.

A. Boris

So if you want to experience Halloween candy the way it's supposed to taste; fresh from the factory, get to your local supermarket today and head right for the Halloween display. You may get some weird looks from people as you pile candy corn and fun-sized chocolate bars into your cart, but after a few bites of the best tasting candy of the year you really won't care.