The Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (aka. The New Tappan Zee Bridge) cost about $4 Billion to build and yes, somebody has to pay for that. Guess Who?

If you guessed anyone driving over the new bridge, you would be right. We heard all kinds of rumors about how high the toll would go and now we are starting to get an idea. According to a report in the New York Post, projections see the toll doubling by the year 2020.

Paying the bill for the new Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge may well mean doubling the toll to $10.

I remember some rumors saying it would be as high as $25 bucks to cross the bridge, but those were rumors. The $10 projection comes from an independent report by a non partisan organization called the Citizens Budget Commission.  Their estimates are based on the $2.9 billion in bonds and loans that will need to be paid off.

The toll hike to $10 has not been confirmed by the Governor and he has mentioned the idea of spreading the cost across the entire New York State Thruway system. There really is only one thing for sure and that is that the toll on the new bridge will probably have a significant increase. This will really hurt commuters from up here in the Mid Hudson Valley.

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino was not thrilled with what he thought the tolls would be, back when the new bridge opened in August of this year. He says it is going to hurt Westchester County.  Astorino would like some sort of discount for residents of his county. FYI - It cost 50 cents to cross the original Tappan Zee Bridge when it opened back in 1955.