There are deals and then there are steals. So Father's Day is going down this weekend and with it so close on the horizon, you still might be scrambling with what to get Dad, but that can be made even worse if you have no money.

Being cheap is in the eye of the beholder. If you can frame it right, then getting something free can be a real possibility. Not exactly sure what I mean, well you're in luck cuz here are 10 things that you can get dear old dad that won't even cost you a buck. And I promise, as silly as they are, they don't suck cuz free is the best way to be.

Warning these gifts are meant to be funny. So remember it's all how you frame it:

1. Free Movies
If your dad loves entertainment, movies and television then offer him a 30-day subscription to a premium content provider. The top three major streaming providers, NetflixAmazon Prime and Hulu, all offer 30-day trial memberships. Yes, it's only 30 days, so you'll need to make sure you cancel in time, but you can always sell it to Dad as a 30-day "special." (Just don't tell him that it was free). If your father is old school and loves DVDs, may I recommend a few coupon codes for Redbox. Text EMAIL, PUSH, MOVIE, MOVIENIGHT, MOVIE TIME, or DEAL to 727272 and you'll be sent back a coupon code that can get you a free 1-night DVD rental. If Redox doesn't have what you want, there's always the good old-fashioned library that allows you to borrow DVDs for FREE.

2. Free Technology
If your dad loves gadgets and gizmos and all things that are tech, then what the heck, download a free app for his smartphone. They're millions of apps that can do almost anything these days and most of them are free. Whether it's turning your phone into a flashlight, a level or even a quick way to find some gas, they're all at your disposal without spending any cash. All you have to invest in is the research for what you want, but all you spend is some time in order to save those dimes.

3. Free Car Experience
Does your dad like fast exotic cars? What dad doesn't?  But those cars, even to rent one for a day, can cost a pretty penny. So think outside the box, and head to that dealer's lot. Most car dealer showrooms are now open on Sundays, all be it limited hours, but hey they are open. Also, what better way for dad to experience the dream car than to have an experienced driver sitting shotgun, even if he or she is trying to sell them the car. It's like having your own personal tour guide -- of that dream car.

4. Free Father's Day Cards
Thanks to the internet now you don't even have to spend money on Father's Day cards. There are a lot of sites that will actually allow you to design and print out a custom Father's Day card. Yes, you'll need a printer and some paper, but if you reading this list, chances are you know where you can use those things for free too, but don't let them catch you.

5. Free Food
Lunch on me? No way, unless it's free and includes coffee. If your dad loves coffee, then sign him up for Dunkin DonutsDD Perks. Just by signing up you'll get a free coffee or beverage of any size including any iced or hot coffee, tea or latte, hot chocolate or Coolatta. Need more? Don't worry we have more in store. For Father's Day, the Spaghetti Warehouse celebrates dad's day by serving him a free lasagna or any original recipe spaghetti entree. No coupon is necessary for this deal. In addition, the offer is only good for dine-in-only orders, but if you're looking to score even more then "like" the Warehouse on Facebook and you could score a $100.

6. Free Golf
Is your dad a golfer? Yes, club, attire and even access to the green can cost a lot, but you know what doesn't cost anything—Dick’s Sporting Goods has a golf simulator. So rain or shine your golfer will have a good time and probably learn how he can improve his swing too.

7. Free Grooming Products
Giving dad a shaver or groom kit is as generic as a Father's day gift can get, but if it is free, why not? A fun, free gift product for him to try might be Nivea Men’s Creme. This creme is a multi-purpose moisturizing creme crafted especially for men. It's for men's faces, bodies and hands. All you need to do is follow the instructions to request a free sample of Nivea Men Creme. Yes, it's only a sample, so it's a sample size, but hey he's only going to try it. If he likes it, let him buy.

8. Free Reads
So your dad likes to read, how about a free magazine? Okay, now that is cheap, but how about a free subscription toCar and Driver magazine! Even better, this offer is good for two years (a free 2-year subscription). Therefore, that means you have not only this year's Father's Day covered, but next year as well. #ScoreEvenMore!

9. Free Dessert
Who doesn't love ice cream? Okay, so maybe it’s frozen yogurt, ‘healthier’ even better. So take dad out for a delectable dessert cuz this Father's Day, TCBY will reward him with a free sweet treat. Yep, that's right; this Sunday TCBY is celebrating Dads. All you have to do is just snap a photo of dad and #TagADad in a social media post for a well-deserved free dessert.

10. Free Hugs
Love don't cost a thing! When in doubt, just give dad some love. Try wrapping your arms around him and give a big old-fashion hug. They never expire or retire, and they are always free.