We're always looking out for the safety of our boys in blue. But we also take into consideration the "good boys" in blue. I'm talking about our Hudson Valley K-9's.

For some reason over the last few years we've seen a number of cases involving pets being left unattended in their owners car during the summer months. Cars get hot quick, leaving dogs (and children) unattended can turn into a scary and deadly situation.

Hudson Valley resident Stephanie DeRose-Morano from Stephanie's Shepherds Rescue, Rehab and Training donated $800 to the Monroe Police Departments K-9 unit.


The Monroe Police Department is using the money Stephanie raised to purchase a heat alarm system for their resident K-9, Simba. If Simba is in the police truck for an extended period of time the heat alarm will play a part in making sure he's safe.

Stephanie's Shepherds Rescue, Rehab and Training is an organization that rescues, rehabilitates, trains and relocates German Shepherds all across the United States.